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Outgrowing & Ending Relationships

We all have the experience of outgrowing a relationship. Sometimes a long friendship ends abruptly, but sometimes it just feels like a long, slow, painful death. Sometimes you understand why it ended, but sometimes you are left hanging in the wind wondering what in the Hell happened.

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Blindsided: My Wife Jumped Ship

Hello Dr. G. My wife recently left me. She told me that she wanted to find her path. She believes that she is an empath and she wants to become a holistic healer. I told her that she could do whatever she wanted but she feels I am a hinderance to her plan.

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Is It Too Late For Love?

Dear Dr. G, Is it too late for love? I’m now 23 and have never been in a relationship (never had a boyfriend). I’ve just tried to focus on school and my studies and to be honest I’ve never met someone that I can connect with.

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