A cheerleader surprised her stepdad by ending her cheer routine holding a sign asking him to adopt her. MaKayla, 15, from Ottawa Lake, Michigan, has had her stepdad, Zane Crawford, in her life since 2014. Zane has treated MaKayla as his own daughter ever since her mom Brandy Crawford started dating him.

For the past few months, MaKayla’s bond with her stepdad had grown stronger, to the point she wished for Zane to adopt her. When she suggested this to her mom, they knew they had to break the news in a special way on his birthday. On September 24th, at MaKayla’s homecoming football game, she and the cheer team performed with Zane in the front row. To end the cheer, the girls held MaKayla in the air as she lifted a sign with images of them together that read: “I know it’s your special day, let’s make it ours, will you adopt me?” They rushed towards each other and hugged as Zane agreed to adopt her.

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