Terrified Cat Saved After Finding Themselves Trapped in Middle of Highway

After many cars drove past and did nothing, Lourdes Castilleja stopped her vehicle to try and help an animal in need. For this frightened feline in Laredo, Texas, she was something of a guardian angel, a passerby who would not stand idle while an animal needed some help. Meanwhile, the cat lay frozen on the concrete divider of Texas State Highway Loop 20, unsure of what to do and scared to move.

Along with some photos at the scene which show Castilleja attempting to get the cat to safety. Deputy Ricardo Lozano of the Webb County Sheriff’s Office was also driving by and stopped to see if Castilleja and her granddaughter needed assistance – and to find out whether they owned the cat. No, the cat was a perfect stranger, but clearly needed help, so Lozano pitched in to help secure the animal as well.

Now, it must be said that the cat was not actually caught, but they were able to safely escape the highway with the help of these three on a Saturday afternoon. It required something of a roundabout solution: Lozano ultimately spooked the cat into his vehicle’s spare tire, then drove off the highway to a safer area. The cat then escaped into an empty lot when the spare tire was removed.

It’s Castilleja’s hope that the cat will be able to find its way home safely, and she affirmed the value in stopping to help animals: “I believe it is important, because they also have a life… They have a purpose, and they don’t have a voice to ask for help when needed.” 

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