Ruby is a proud four-year-old Doberman mom living in Geneseo, New York, with six happy two-week-old newborn puppies in her care. Well, she’s setting another dinner plate for Ramblin’ Rose, a newborn kitty she took in after her owner Brittany Callan found the little one at her husband’s job site one day. When Callan brought the kitty home, Ruby was still nursing her litter, and just went ahead and added little Rose to the group rotation. The photographs are priceless!

Caring for other small animals is apparently par for Ruby’s course; Callan explains to USA Today that, “We’ve had baby bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks… Licks them like she’s cleaning them, like she’s their mother.”

Callan was careful in introducing this new addition to the nursing mother, offering the kitten to her to smell, then placing it next to Ruby’s nipple. Apparently, that’s all it took, and the dog nursed Ramblin’ Rose ever since. After one week passed the kitty had already gained almost three ounces in weight, though Callan describes providing some supplemental nutrition as well.

For now, Ruby has stepped into full motherly duties for her kitten-puppy, carefully carrying her around by the scruff and treating her a little gentler than the rest. While Callan does say that the kitten will probably not be a permanent fixture – one of her dogs has general problems getting along with cats – she’s organizing a proper adoption by a relative. Either way, she’ll have a crazy story to look back on her formative days with a canine mom.

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