One can only imagine how scared this old doggo was for five days, but just keep in mind that this story has a happy ending. 12-year-old pup Liza was out hiking with her owner in Minnewaska State Park Preserve in upstate NY, when the unspeakable happened: the dog suddenly dropped into a narrow crevice and out of sight. Liza’s owner was able to get the help of park staffers and her dog was barking up a storm, but no one was able to reach Liza and provide any help.

Liza would be stuck in that crevice for five days as rescue teams did their best to get her out. ABC News describes how two members of volunteer group New Jersey Initial Response team were ultimately able to help the pup last Tuesday; the group apparently specializes in cave rescue, and their methods and know-how came in handy as Liza’s owner was clearly in terror over the life of her pet.

One of these rescuers, Jessica Van Ord, made her way through the crevice and tempted Liza with a hot dog hanging from a catch pole, then got the dog’s head in the catch pole’s loop. The two team members were then able to secure the animal and eventually bring her out to the afternoon light.

ABC News spoke to the response team’s chief Mark Dickey, who specified how Van Ord was their “smallest team member,” and that she had to “contort herself more than 40 feet from the surface to reach the dog.” It’s a mystery exactly how Liza survived five days trapped, though she was reportedly observed licking the walls of the crevice for moisture.

All in all, Liza was rescued safely to everyone’s delight, though it’s a good reminder to keep an eye on our little ones when out in the wilderness.

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