This Injured Rescue Dog Underwent Surgery and Found Her Forever Home

An injured dog found herself rescued by an ASPCA shelter in New York City after having suffered a horrible injury: she had been shot with a gun in the face and neck. Those past traumas are behind her now, and she was miraculously lucky to have survived the assault. Now Nola (formerly named Autumn) is laying comfortably in her new home next to her new sibling Corona, celebrating the new year in style.

On arrival to the ASPCA, the dog named Autumn was in very bad shape. Aubrey Crowley, the medical supervisor for the ASPCA Animal Recovery Center summarized the dog’s recovery in a piece at People: “Medically – this dog is a miracle.” After a successful surgery, the poor pup needed a lot of help and TLC if she was going to get over her fear of humans, and ASPCA’s behavior experts patiently helped her heal from her trauma and prepare for adoption.

This Injured Rescue Dog Underwent Surgery and Found Her Forever Home

She wouldn’t have to wait long, and the pup once left for dead was adopted by a couple mourning a dog who had passed. They were seeking a companion pup for their dog Corona and decided that Autumn (who reminded them of their departed pet) would be the perfect fit. Adopter Jolynn Wojcik states that, “We fell in love as soon as we saw her face.”

Autumn was renamed Nola and is reportedly incredibly affectionate in her new home. It’s important to know that animals who have experienced trauma can make miraculous recoveries with patience, and that the future days may be much, much brighter than past darkness.

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