Best Armenian Dating Sites

It’s no secret that Armenians generally have a strong desire to marry someone from their own background. So despite their relatively small population, especially outside of Armenia, Armenians have flocked to one dating site in particular and made it a very popular destination to meet, chat, and date Armenian singles.

Topping our list of ‘Best Armenian Dating Sites’ is none other than the very popular HyeSingles.

The Best Armenian dating sites: HyeSingles

Overview of HyeSingles

HyeSingles is a really vibrant Armenian dating site. The site is geared towards the Armenian diaspora, although by virtue of being available in several languages (English, French, Armenian), it does have members from Armenia as well. The membership is diverse as you will see from the many men and women who identify as either Beirutsi, Parskahye, Hayastanci and so on.

The site is free to join and many of the features are free as well, but in order to get the most out HyeSingles, you will need to upgrade to a Platinum Membership. Unlike swiping sites, HyeSingles places an emphasis on quality of profiles and as such, is geared towards more serious minded singles who wish to go on dates and find a long term partner (vs swiping for hours on end).
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HyeSingles offers robust search filters that will help you narrow your search and real time chat which makes it easy to quickly connect with members. Also, the site’s informative profiles provide you with a level of re-assurance when speaking to members.

While we were underwhelmed with the number of poorly designed or inactive Armenian dating sites (hence why this list is limited to just one site) we found HyeSingles to be a an Armenian powerhouse for meeting single Armenian men and women.

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