Daily Self-Care
for a Happier Life

Love Expands is a self-care app that uses the power of gratitude, better sleep, and positivity to help you improve your overall well-being.

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Motivational Quotes & Videos

Jump-start your day with empowering quotes & videos from the world’s most inspiring figures and thought leaders.

Positive Affirmations

Daily affirmations empower and restructure the dynamic of our brains so that we truly begin to think nothing is impossible.

Self-Care & Gratitude Journals

Daily journal prompts that help you focus on the positive, become more mindful, and live with intention.

Sleep, Meditation & Relaxation

Reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and build healthy habits! Relax to soundscapes, white noise, music & guided meditation.

Visual Meditation

Clear your mind and relax with a unique meditation experience. Immerse yourself in rich audio & visual environments that help you find a sense of peace & calm.

Uplifting News

Enjoy the day’s most positive, wholesome, and inspiring stories. Each day we curate the most uplifting stories to help spread joy and happiness.

Printable Coloring Pages

Reduce stress, boost concentration, and improve sleep with printable coloring pages. Simply download, print and color!

Fun & Interesting Facts

Learn fascinating, unique facts and amaze others with your vast knowledge base.

Member Reviews


The Best Self-Care App!

This is easily the best self-care app out there. Many features are offered, from motivational videos, good news stories, positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, soundscapes, meditation tracks, daily reminders, and more! Honestly, I can’t believe that they have packaged so much in one app. Thank you Love Expands!

- Jennifer


Quotes Galore!

Wow, this app sure has lots of motivational quotes. I dig how they have so many quote topics and tools to customize the look of the quotes. I don’t pay for many apps, but this one is good value for the dollar, so I upgraded to premium.

- Geoff


The Best!!

A friend of mine recommended this app for its Affirmations but wow, the app is so much more than that. It’s by far the most comprehensive self-care app I’ve used to date.

- Emily12


Fall asleep easily

I mostly use this app for its relaxing music and soundscapes. Lately, I’ve been falling asleep to their white noise tracks. The hypnosis visuals that you can activate when listening is also cool.

- Elizabeth


Very Inspiring!

This is a wonderfully designed app that brings daily inspiration to my life. I love the daily uplifting quotes when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I find myself browsing inspiring quote after another. The user interface is very clean, and everything is easy to navigate through. The premium content and in-app purchases are only a small component of the app, but they are a fun way to spend my time when I am stressed or just want to get into a nice flow state in my mind. Overall, wonderful service.

- Arman


Daily Reminders

I love how this self-care app sends me daily reminders of both Affirmations and Motivational quotes. I receive a few throughout the day, which I find helpful in motivating me.

- Miguel


Love it!!

I love the positivity of this self care app. Quotes, affirmations, coloring pages, relaxing music, soundscapes, and uplifting news. Good for the soul.

All the fuzzies

Love starting my days with positivity straight to my phone. Really helps set the tone for the day. Just love that this app offers so much to read and keep up with and none of it is negative news or makes you depressed.

- mililymom

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