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Authentic Self: How to Live Your Life for You

On the surface, you might tell yourself that you’re happy, but there might always be an inkling of tension hidden that surfaces every once in a while. It might be when you’re at your desk at work, completing the same task over and over, when you’re at a party with people who you don’t want to talk to, or just when you’re finally alone with your thoughts.

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3 Mindset and Motivational Quotes from Olympic Athletes

Looking for some motivational quotes to get into a winning mindset? Here are some real-life strategies from Olympic gold medal winners. Whether you’re trying to get out of bed and into your sneakers for a morning run, are psyching yourself up to hit the books before an exam, or are chasing a professional goal like getting your dream job or earning a big promotion at work, your attitude can make the difference between hitting the mark and missing your opportunity.

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What is a Life Coach?

Everybody needs a little help in life. Maybe you’ve got into a rut at work and you’re not sure which direction your career should go. Maybe you’re struggling in a relationship or you find it hard to make friends.

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